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Bride Style: American Flower Week

A Flower Child Bridal Shoot at Mahler Ridge Farms.


American Flowers Week celebrates American grown flowers in all 50 states. Here in a Eastern Washington, Mahler Ridge farms invited us to come to the flower garden and showcase some of the beautiful blooms grown in our home town!


The family owned wild flower farm in Eltopia, WA was the perfect backdrop for our American Flower week styled shoot - flower crown bar seemed like the obvious party to throw in that setting, the flowers were harvested and designed on the spot- the acoustic guitar was one of my favorites designed by Chandra Christensen of Simplified Celebrations @flowermoney for this shoot.


Gigi Pip hats adorned with wildflowers seemed like beautiful accessories for this shoots vibe- and who doesn’t wanna be chillin in front of a greenhouse listening to records + makin flower crowns with your besties? So many beautiful wildflower details in this shoot!

The bouquets and arrangements were so unique it’s hard to believe what Chandra was able to create! All of the designs were chic and beautifully complex! There were so many fun varieties of blooms on the farm!

The shoot wouldn’t be what it was without a great photographer, Ilennis Martinez @ilennismartinezphotography has been my fave photog for some of my favorite shoots. I love her edit, I love how much she loves to be there. She is so helpful and knowledgeable and also keeps me grounded when you know I want to do something dumb. Her support on set always has such a welcome calming effect, and she stepped into what truly could have been such a disaster that afternoon with the elements, and brought all of our work out at its best. Her work is thoughtful, original, and I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with her as a pro. She cares about your shoot, your event, your day, your wedding- as much as you do, and that is rare.


Let’s gush about more cool people.

We had to make masks because, I mean how could we not? Floral mask details, gold fringe - Covid but make it fashion, and completely original to both designers. Myself and Chandra both designed some fun Covid friendly party accessories, and I love them both!


We couldn’t have asked for better models to showcase our work. (@xxamie + @ceilorare) these women were so charming and energetic, they brought so much warmth and such a fun vibe to the shoot. I had seen them both in other projects that I wasn’t a part of, I was so thrilled when Chan brought them on, and so honored they came to party with us, and really, grace us with their presence! Their hair + makeup was styled perfectly by Lyndsay Rodgers of The Mint, @themintsalon (Richland, WA.) A warm dewey glow was young and fresh, the ideal look for our flower child vibe. Really you could throw a paper bag on these women and they would still be stunning.


The wind was well, Tri-Cities wind...I would be lying if it didn’t literally change the entire layout of the shoot and effect every detail but it really did work out the best in the end, somehow magically, even the fringe held up, and I don’t think we broke a single vase. Which now thinking back seems like a miracle. Couldn’t have this shoot without a couple of my fave records and yarn tassels. Gimme all the details.

We found the perfect spot out of the wind to style our flower crown bar- beautiful pressed blooms from Elk Down Ranch @elkdownranch coupled with some lovely handlettering by the talented Molli of @Pooki.font made for the cutest signage combo- our flower crown bar had beautiful crowns and accessories designed by Chandra Christensen of Simplified Celebrations- I think everyone should throw themselves a flower crown party!