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Beg your Parton, Lyndsay is 40!

A Desert Cowgirls’ Gypsy Dream, that’s what this party was! When one of your best friends turns 40 and wants a Dolly Parton themed bday bash- you work 9-5 for this dimestore cowgirl! We created a truly unique party experience for our bday bestie! Owner of The Mint Salon @themintsalon in Richland, WA - we made sure Lyndsay was represented in every little detail!


A little Kacey Musgraves, a little Dolly Parton, and a lot of Gigi Pip hats! My fave clients are the people who let me be creative, give me the reins and let me throw them the party they deserve! Designed and styled by myself @poshpartybebes and Of course I had all my fave party friends with us for the day- including the only photog I would trust with my precious moments and my biz- Ilennis Martinez Photography she is truly a gifted artist and an even better human/friend/business owner, I cannot say enough good things about this woman’s photography + branding abilities - she is a true talent @ilennismartinezphotography captured all of fab fun at this backyard 40th, and I know I say this everytime but this is my favorite party so far 🤠


A woman after my own heart- this Dolly worshipping, country music loving, Gigi Pip hat wearing woman needed what every cowgirl needs- a custom Gigi Pip hat wall for guests to grab some personal shade from the Tri-City summer sun - we also gave guests some bamboo hand fans (a nod to the Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour album cover) and both were a huge hit! I love coming up with new designs for these panels, a hat wall seemed so obvious with Lyndsay’s stunning collection! This installation doubled as a photobackdrop- decked out in beautiful + trendy shades of terracotta. She needed a cute decal- so we invited our new friends from @kbcustomengraving to design some fun country music themed signage- including this Kacey Musgraves “I’m Just A Dimestore Cowgirl” song lyric sticker-

I had another idea to mount some horns on her and who else would I call to design a beautiful cow skull flower crown other than @flowermoney at Simplified Celebrations 🎉 we all could not get over how amazing this cow-skull dahlia headdress was! We grabbed a couple of buckets from @columbiariverdahlias and the amazing talent of Chandra Christenson brought this old skull new life and was the centerpiece of our backdrop! It is truly one of my most favorite original designs from Chandra- I love, love how this entire installation turned out! I had so much fun putting it all together!


Poshly Pitched does such a beautiful job, we were so fortunate to have her partying with us and grateful she let us play with all of her fun tent + picnic setups! Our Gypsy Shrine Glitter Bar was nearly never vacant throughout the night- guests could have a seat, put on a temporary tattoo- glitter spray, clip in some shimmer hair extensions, try on some shimmer powder and glitter liner- with of course some custom Dolly quote signage because it’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World! This setup was a huge success for the kids at the party, especially for the birthday girls’ niece Kennedy- whom I’m pretty sure tried out every speck of glitter in the spread, ha!

We’ve love these trendy new tents from Poshly Pitched in the 509 @poshly_pitched - we’ve seen them covered in balloons, greenery, boho macrame garlands and plenty of pampass grass, but have we seen a cow skull mount yet? Well when life gives you dahlias and @flowermoney gets excited and designs ANOTHER beautiful cow skull installation then you mount that beautiful babe on a bell tent and admire it all night long! We actually ended up letting this skull pull doubly duty, and used it as a centerpiece on our long farm tables, too! This tent was our gypsy queens sanctuary with tarot card readings from @ammaspeaks 🔮 over 40 guests sat down with our fortune teller for a spell, and it was a huge hit! With Halloween around the corner this gal is such a wonderful and fun detail for your party- she even came in costume to stay with our Dolly Parton vibe- we can’t wait to party with her again!

We rounded up our new signage friends over at the Veteran-owned KB Custom Engraving @kbcustomengraving for some more fun Dolly themed details for our soirée- including this awesome front porch style entrance sign- with a quote from one of our bday girls fave movies - Steel Magnolias, we LOVED how fun all of our signage turned out, and the best part about this collection is they easily can be used as home decor, too!


Love on the go @love.on.the.go isnt just for weddings! I know “happy birthday” might make more sense for a 40th but LOVE Is what Lyndsay and her tribe are all about, there isn’t a better place in town to share that love with then our favorite marquee light family at Love On The Go 💕 guests sat around the fire pit in the glow of these beautiful lights, they added such a great vibe to our evening- kiddos took a dip in the stock tank pool and then had a seat at the s’mores bar and hung out under the lights of LOVE.


When I first started my business some wonderful family friends made me this custom lemonade stand/mobile bar on wheels and I have used it for so many events now, it’s so easy to customize with detachable poles for each side, we took those off and setup a cute outdoor beverage spot to help guests liquor up, but also stay hydrated and beat the heat! Our signature drink even had glitter in it + yet again another punny sign from Dolly herself- had so much fun coming up with these details, and even more fun Pouring myself a cup of Ambition and partying with our friends!


When you’re a hairdresser and you throw a Dolly Parton themed bash you have to give out mini hairspray favors right? After all, the “Higher the hair, the closer to God!”

With another nod to miss Musgraves our “it’s high time” floral smoke station was a pretty cute adult hangout nook on the back porch- another detail that I’ve never had the chance to do anything like until this fun laid back party!