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Pinterest Party Style On a Budget!


We all want that Pinterest worthy birthday party look without breaking the bank! Sometimes those speciality napkins and $10 jumbo balloons start to add up...and it’s not necessary! styled just right- even super thrifty options can give your party that pinterest perfect tableware pic!

Full disclosure the black noisemakers pictured are not from wal-mart, they were leftover NYE favors from Party City! And the bats I cut out of felt :) I love felt, it’s cheap and perfect for so many different party crafts! Anyway back to the tableware... these silver paper plates and silver striped napkins were .50 each as well as the rainbow napkins! I found the large silver paper plates on a different trip to the store and they were on clearance for $1. silver paper straws were also found on clearance for $2. My favorite part of this party is definitely the masks and capes which again were found at Wal-Mart!

The package of masks actually came with another color- green, but it didn’t match my bargain tableware so I just didn’t use them :) the masks came in packages of 8 and were .75 cents. The capes were also a huge surprise in the clearance aisle but I stumbled upon them a few months later and snagged them up immediately bc I mean.... you never know when you need some super hero capes...the capes came in packs of 6 and were $5. They are definitely on the smaller size, but they would work perfectly for any toddler aged soirée!

Seeing cute party ware in the clearance aisle isn’t a rare occurrence either, odds are any given day at your local wal mart there is probably some stashed away for pennies, just gotta dig! The themes are usually more trendy than you might think! It’s also a great spot for party favors and small toys, my husband and I usually stock up on toys when we run through because again... you never know :)

it’s all in the details, and that is what we can do for you! The perfect party doesn’t have to be expensive to look wonderful! some dollar store balloons to match would make this party even more fun! Balloon garlands are so simple and they add SO MUCH! Make sure you follow @poshpartybebes on Instagram and Pinterest for fab party ideas! And contact us for your next party!

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