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Teddy Pooh Turns Two

A quarantine Winnie The Pooh themed second birthday party



Last year we celebrated our sons 1st and my hubby’s 31st (they share a birthday!) at our favorite place on the beach, The Inn At Arch Cape (@innatarchcape) in Arch Cape, Oregon. The private beach and adorable cabins make it our favorite family getaway. We were so bummed when covid hit and we realized our vacation wasn’t going to happen this year. So we thought we would throw a small get together at our home and started planning Teddy’s second birthday. Then things just kept getting worse- and events were banned entirely, then extended through the summer. I had a pretty good attitude the first few months, but I’ll be honest by the time John and Ted’s birthdays came around I was not in the mood to do anything, especially party. 17 cancelled events so far and what feels like no light at the end of the tunnel. But I needed to do this for myself, to be creative and do what I love, celebrate my son + my hubby and just enjoy it for what it is. So I did, and here it is- our at home quarantine DIY birthday party, Teddy Pooh Turns Two!

One thing you’ll notice in this post is that I got a ton of my stuff from I don’t usually source so much from there- but since I couldn’t go out shopping physically, and my fave wholesalers are closed- you really can’t beat home delivery and some of the options amazon has- if styled right, it is super cute!

Ted is super into flip books right now, I Found this giant Winnie the Pooh book on Amazon again, this super sturdy and even looked cute on our dessert cart- Teddy loved turning the pages and lifting up all the flaps!

This little bar cart/treat table turned out so cute. I put my free time to good use leading up to our party, a friend had given me two garbage bags full of yarn, so the colors were basically just chosen based on what I had and the random colors of paper honeycombs that I had laying around - again though- Amazon has a ton of honeycomb tissue ball options so if you don’t have any random party supplies in your house like myself, you can find some on there, too! I have a lot of greenery (which I’ll get to later) so I kept it pretty earthy color-wise, with a ton of honey/yellow/and shades of red. I really love how it all came together!

Believe it or not, I had never made yarn tassels or Pom Poms before! And I am a person with a thousand hobbies- so now seemed like as good a time as any to get into another craft project- I ordered a pom pom kit on amazon, got on Pinterest and looked up a tutorial, then got to it! The tassels + pom poms were actually super easy to DIY- when I was all done making them I simply sewed them together with some bakers twine to turn them into garlands. The kit came with 4 sizes of Pom Pom looms- so you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on what look you’re going for- I also ordered a bag of wooden beads from amazon- and yes now my house has a Pom Pom/tassel/wooden bead garland in every do a handful of my friends houses...because now I’m obsessed with making them.

I can’t look at this treat table without adoring the beautiful hand-painted macaroons from Frost Me Sweet. (@frostmesweet) I literally cried when I saw them, maybe just being overwhelmed from all of this Covid-19 madness finally got to me, but they were just such a special detail for our day, I didn’t want to eat them, but I mean I did....

Chef Megan Savely always does the best work- I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is about bringing your dreams to life! These Winnie The Pooh macaroons were absolutely amazing, and they’re so so good!


I had a feeling Teddy wouldn’t be super into the whole “smash cake” thing, so we stayed on budget and I DIY’d a spruced up box cake mix (Duncan Hines devils chocolate) instead of splurging on a fancy one, and I’m glad I did because he literally wanted nothing to do with it, haha! I found a mini Winnie the Pooh figurine set on Amazon and the toys doubled as cute details, and of course Pooh needed to be our cake topper!

I had To prop Pooh up with a toothpick because he didn’t wanna stand up on my cake- the rest of the toys I just used as decoration on our dessert cart! I also found some “honey” lollipops from Sparko Sweets (@sparkosweets) Ted actually likes them and they were super cute for our setup and doubled as party favors for our guests - who we ended up having to deliver our cookies and treats to since we couldn’t get together!

All of the greenery and billy balls were dried, I hang dry most of my arrangements and keep them because I’m a weirdo- so I just rounded up some milk glass vases (I got mine at goodwill for a few bucks a piece) + some dried blooms- super cute additions to our cart!


All of the balloons for our garland are qualatex goldenrod- Balloon garlands are so easy to DIY, I Promise! Winnie and my jumbo 2 balloons I had to get on amazon also, because my balloon distributor was shut down for coronavirus! I strung the balloons up on this brass backdrop rental from Simplified Celebrations- and with fishing line attached a laser wooden cutout of Theodores name that I had stashed in my craft room- I know, I have the most random stuff at my house.

The backdrop itself was super easy to setup, I was pretty irritated with myself because I realize after I attached the balloons that I had actually setup and put Ted’s name up on it backwards 🙄 but I mean who has time to fix that?

I Secured balloon-pooh to the foot of my backdrop with a piece of tape- and tied my jumbo 2 balloon to his arm-


Our backdrop played double duty- threw the highchair under there for a mini smash cake photo session - it was so cute!


This dried magnolia leaf + greenery highchair garland was not something I had planned on doing originally, I’m a tassel + balloon garland gal at heart- but after I started narrowing down what options of floral I had in my house I just decided to try and make something that would “go” with it- hence the re-purposed magnolia Christmas wreath craft project was born.

Earlier in the year I had made a magnolia Christmas wreath at one of Chandra Christenson’s workshops (@flowermoney) I actually dry most of the floral arrangements/greenery/garlands I get and use them as decor around my house- my mother dried flowers occasionally and I have always been a bit of a little old lady- I have dried flowers everywhere in my home, or as my friends say “dead crap.” 😬 I even dried my wedding boquet!

I had dried billy balls and eucalyptus from another Simplified Celebrations arrangement and then just went for it- since I had floral wire attached to the original brass hoop wreath I had previously made, I used it to wire my leaves and greenery together, and then mounted it onto the highchair with fishing line-

Creating the garland was not super easy, if you’re not used to handling dried flowers or greens they are fairly delicate, so wiring them together was definitely a labor of love.

Ted isn’t much of a cake/cupcake guy yet- and even though he was super excited to blow out his candle- he really didn’t go for the cake itself!


We didn’t get to have our big party family And friends but our little afternoon together was captured so beautifully.

We were so excited to have Ilennis Martinez Photography: (@ilennismartinezphotography) come over to do an intimate family session - and I am so glad we did- we will definitely remember this birthday in quarantine, It also helped us see how terribly desperate we are to have haircuts...and how much we look forward to our fave salon opening back up...




Balloons + decor: Posh Party Bebes @poshpartybebes

Macaroons: Frost Me Sweet @frostmesweet

Florals: Simplified Celebrations @flowermoney Winnie the Pooh figurines: Amazon @amazon

Honey Lollipops: Sparko Sweets @sparkosweets

Laser wooden name cutout: Wander Crafter @wandercrafter

Photography: Ilennis Martinez @ilennismartinezphotography


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